About us

Come and dive with us

Qmann Diving dive center is fully SSI certified and located in Terceira island, one of the finest Islands in the Azores.

When we started to dive 40 years ago, we had a dive training that was far from what we know now and what we want to pass through to the new divers like you and many others is an improved knowledge.

Remember the first time in the water and being curious about what would be there, being surprised at all little things, marine life…So yes all of us want to discover more about what is there below. Just go for it,…DIVE !

Offering you the best equipment and Quality, Mares is our main supplier and will provide in all your needs.

We use a German made Air Compressor, Quality first just to make sure…you are safe.

Diving-wise we offer mainly shore dives, one on one or small groups Maximum 4. from Basics up to what you think is comfortable. We are here to assist you, help you find your way.

For those who are interested in Technical diving, please contact us by email to discuss details.